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F R A M E S.
I just can't take it any more.

Alas, now even SUCK. has gone to the dark side.

I've never seen a WEB site that was improved in the least by this bug-ridden, slow, ill-conceived, and unsightly extension from Netscape. Let's say that it could be "even better". Oh, that mistake carried out to perfection; Netscape Frames.

But there is hope!

You can still enjoy the sublime pleasures of a FrameFree WEB.

I developed this C program to do a little brain surgery on the beast. It makes Netscape 2.0 and beyond forget that it ever knew what a <frameset> was. This is in pre-beta test but it's working fine for me. I've been cruising a beautiful FrameFree WEB for days now.

This is now available in perl as well.

Or you can use sed if you are on LINUX or you have GNU sed.

All reasonable sites provide alternative FrameFree content that will be displayed automatically in your new FrameFree browser. If you do come across a page that appears blank, send a short note to the web site authors asking them to play fair, and include noframe content. These sites will also appear blank to anyone using existing browsers that don't support frames.

If people really want to protest - they'll make sure that their sites are ONLY visible in a frames disabled browser.

The message could read:

"Sorry, we've noticed you're running a frames enabled browser. Please switch to an older version of Netscape or modify your current browser using FrameFree."

A related site has recently come to my attention. Folks who don't want to modify Netscape can use this Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer.


Paul Haeberli