Improvised and live, it creates delicate bridges between the primitive and the sublime. Raw, it explodes through the wilderness of the modern psyche, illuminating dark realms of thought and emotion, poignantly freeing the hidden experience. Come move with impulse, calculation, and cool. Come master innovation within the beauty of strict form.

Please join us for FIAT LUX 97 this August in Los Angeles!

The Conference

As in past years, FIAT LUX 97 consists of a collection of improvised activities. We've decided to scale back the magnitude of the international conference this year, but you and your friends are definitely invited. It's all happening August 3th through the evening of August 9th.

Please come.


Registration will be happening continuously at random locations starting Sunday evening. Just call the FIAT LUX 97 hotline in Los Angeles at 213-694-2040 to find out when and where. The registration fee is DM 1, FF 1, 10 Bfr, 1 Fl, US$ 0.25, 1 (one) New York City subway token, or NSK $0.25. Exact change is demanded. Student scholarships are available, please inquire on-site. This registration is final. A penalty of US$ 50.00 will be charged for any changes.


Information on the time and location of these events should be available when you register.

Meet some new folks and find out what people are thinkin'.
2 minute opinion pieces
(standing on one foot)
Mini Tech talks.
4 minutes in length. Any topic. A slide projector will be available.
Paper Exchange
Bring a few copies of a technical paper for trade and discussion.
Art Show
Bring some slides, and we'll project 'em.
Mini Video Show
Bring a Hi-8 or 8mm video tape. we'll get together and watch 'em. If you can, bring some video equipment!
Receipt Writing Party
Have trouble recording all your meals? Select from a number of different pads of generic restaurant receipts. Get someone to write one or two up for you. For entertainment only please.

How You Can Participate!

Bring cool video equipment, a pad of blank receipts, a contribution to the slide or video show, a positive attitude, slides for a talk or quality propaganda. Call the FIAT LUX 97 info line with suggestions for more activities and we'll get this conference rockin'!

Late Breaking News

We just heard there's another international computer graphics conference happening in Los Angeles from August 3th through the 8th. You may want to attend that conference as well.

FIAT LUX. A bad idea whose time has come. FIAT LUX. The art of incompetence. FIAT LUX. A disgrace you can be proud of. FIAT LUX. The wrong element. FIAT LUX. Substantially worse than nothing. FIAT LUX. A reason not to get up in the morning. FIAT LUX. Nullifying centuries of progress. FIAT LUX. A disaster that didn't wait to happen. FIAT LUX. Accept any substitute. FIAT LUX. Nothing says `fiasco' quite like it. FIAT LUX. An accident that couldn't wait to happen. FIAT LUX. Another fine mess. FIAT LUX. Confusion is our business. FIAT LUX. Available wherever fine refuse is sold. FIAT LUX. It won't be missed. FIAT LUX. Be afraid. Be very afraid. FIAT LUX. It didn't even look good on paper. FIAT LUX. Built to fall apart. FIAT LUX. It could be worse, but it'll take time. FIAT LUX. Committed to disservice. FIAT LUX. Indescribably malicious. FIAT LUX. Earlier mishaps just didn't go far enough. FIAT LUX. Form follows malfunction. FIAT LUX. Even your dog won't like it. FIAT LUX. It's a mess. But it's OUR mess.

"More Light! More Light!" - Oedipus Rex