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Last update: March 3, 1998

Movie Tools

Here's the source code for some handy movie tools. Together they form a rudimentary command-line cut's only non-linear editor. These were all compiled and run under 6.3 and they generally work only with JPEG Quicktime Movie Files (use mvqt to convert a "Cosmo-style" file to Quicktime) and generally understand only standard definition video size and rate (fields of square or non-square PAL or NTSC).

I use dmrecord to capture the clip(s), movieplayer (set View -> Time Unit -> Frames) to find out what's where in a clip, and dmplay to print the final result back to video.

In between I use these tools to rearrange the frames. No pixels will be harmed using these tools -- they merely copy the compressed bits, no encoding/decoding is ever done.

JPEG dmIC examples

JPEG and video (VL). These were used heavily in O2 ICE JPEG bringup:

JPEG and graphics (OpenGL):

More JPEG fun stuff:

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