'All you want to know about the IRIS Indigo'

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04-Sep-2001 Added a few pictures of a FDDI card, as well as some pictures of a 60GB IDE drive in an Indigo.
15-May-2001 Restructured the Picture archive. I still have to update all in-document links, so the old index is still accessible.
11-Apr-2001 Added 'Express Graphics Installation Guide' and some more pictures
21-Feb-2001 Some more pictures, one is an Indigo bag. Does somebody know more about this?
31-Jan-2001 Added Elan graphics Technical Report
23-Jan-2001 Added Indigo Product Family Technical Report, Elan graphics Technical Report follows soon.
27-Nov-2000 Added some pictures. They are showing GIO Ethernet cards and a PM2 with the 'right' heatsink.